We are thrilled to be able to offer two weeks of top quality training and tons of fun for the trainees of the Ipswich Youth Soccer Association; One in June, and one in August (twice the opportunity to develop players skills!). The Clinics will be hosted conveniently at the Pony Express Fields in Ipswich. Coach Jason Moore of Moore Soccer Academy (MSA) training and our certified coaches are proud to be working with the town of Ipswich and excited to be able to offer your trainees our unique coaching methods, style, and philosophy. The clinic will be held for the trainees who are 4th grade and younger from the hours of 8am-12pm, and for players in 5th-8th grade from 1pm-5pm Monday through Friday. The first week will be June 28th to July 2nd and the second week will be from August 2nd-6th. We are pleased to be able to offer this Summer Clinic for just $225. Experience Moore training - a coaching style curated by knowledge and skills gained from a  life centered around soccer and a career's worth of professional training and play. Register now to reserve your spot!


Moore Soccer Academy (MSA) is here to help build and grow the IYSA!  We are a local Soccer Academy, with local roots, and an exceptional, seasoned coaching staff who also live locally. We have personal interest in the well being of the IYSA Soccer. For us at MSA, this is not just a business – this is our passion! 


The passion, drive, and commitment that propelled Jason Moore to the heights of soccer he reached is what he now uses to propel trainees who train with our Academy to reach their personal best. When experiencing Moore training - a trainee is experiencing a coaching style curated by knowledge and skills gained from a life centered around soccer and a career's worth of professional training and play. 



When the technical and tactical aspects of soccer are fully understood; When a trainee grows in speed, agility, coordination;  And when they mature in confidence, assertiveness, communication and mental toughness - Soccer takes on a new identity - it becomes a skill that sets a person apart, a source of serious fun and personal growth, and a lifelong passion that has the potential to flourish into limitless opportunity. Our goal is to help you reach yours'. At Moore Soccer Academy. We. Build. Players. 


In addition we also adhere to the following guidelines for Clinics:

High energy
Constant movement
Drills in pairs and multiples
Local qualified coaching staff

Three L’s: Limit Lines, Limit Lectures, No Laps
Separation by age group 


In order to provide the highest quality coaching staff, Moore Soccer Academy (MSA) will be employing coaches that are certified by our standards of coaching excellence and have worked with us on previous . Our existing personal and professional relationships guarantees success.


At MSA our coaches have over 75 years of combined coaching and playing experience in both the US and internationally.Our entire staff is made up of seasoned professional coaches who currently reside locally. Each member of our staff is either an active youth soccer, high school, club, and/or clinic coach, or current player. Our staff has played at every local, regional, national and international level. Their passion for growing the game and helping trainees to truly develop in their play and in their love for the game is what keeps them involved.


Our staff follows the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) National Coaching Standards, while also applying our personal coaching and play experience.​


We strongly encourage all IYSA trainees to attend and participate in this clinic. Participation will help to develop trainees and ready them for the upcoming fall soccer season helping them to be more prepared and excited to get out on the field and excel.

The IYSA hold this clinic for 5 consecutive days (Monday-Friday) in June 28th to July 2nd, and in the month of August (2nd-6th) before the school season begins. 



The Clinics will be split into on morning session for the younger in-town soccer trainees fourth grade and younger, and afternoon for the older town travel soccer players, fifth grade to eighth grade trainees. It is our belief that 4 hour daily increments would be appropriate for this clinic. (8am-12pm for young in-town players and 1pm-5pm for the town travel players)


Players will be divided by age group. Players can also be further grouped by team, or skill level. Regardless, our staffing plan, detailed in the next section, is still valid because it is based on an overall player-to-coach ratio not by age group.



The coaching structure could resemble the following:
Senior Coaches – MSA Certified Coaches
Assistant Coaches – MSA Certified Coaches 

Assistant Coaches will be added in to larger age groups as necessary.

The MSA Team owns basic portable soccer training equipment – balls, cones, pennies, agility poles, ladders, and  skill nets.  A combination of our own equipment combined with IYSA goals, additional balls, cones, pennies, etc.



If within the past two weeks you have experienced fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, coughing, or any other symptoms related to COVID-19, remain home. 

Please be sure to fill out our COVID-19 waiver before attending any sessions. 

Parents should also send players to the Clinic with proper sun protectant, climate-appropriate clothing, cleats, shin guards, ample water, a snack, and any pertinent medications along with a note of medical conditions/illnesses for Coaches and staff to be aware of for every player. 


Week 1: 

June 28th-July 2nd

Week 2:

 August 2nd-6th

A quick and easy way to complete our waivers and forms is to click the links below and fill them out electronically! Please be sure these forms are complete so your player can have fun on the field!