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Moore Soccer Academy

15 Manning Ave  Middleton, MA 01949

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“I think Jason is an amazing coach that can develops kids from all levels. I started with him in high school and think that he played a major role in my college recruitment process because I was able to get feedback from coaches and work on them with Jason. I wish I started training with him when I was younger because technical ability is so important”

Karoline - Moore Soccer Academy Student & Division I Soccer Committed Player

"I have three teenagers who all have a passion for the game of soccer.  Like most parents I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars with club teams whose main focus is winning.  We as parents determine which team our children should be part of based on the success of the team.  This approach has really not helped my three kids improve their individual skills.  I can tell you without any question that Jason Moore who has no affiliation with any soccer club has worked with my three teenagers for over a year on these important individual skills.  Jason creates drills based on the needs of the players and will stop them to critique and show how to apply the learnings in a game.  Jason is relentless on teaching the parts of the game which most club coaches ignore. He teaches individual foot skills and practices them over and over until the players are able to apply these skills in a game. My three kids have gotten by on pure athleticism but at the highest levels of sport most are very good athletes. The question I ask is how will my kids differentiate themselves from others? The biggest compliment is when other parents see my kids on the field of play and ask “Where did they learn to play that way?”.  I can say with without a doubt that one year of the Jason Moore Academy has been more beneficial to my three kids than 10 years with club soccer teams. Thank you, Jason, for all you have done to improve each of my kid’s soccer experience and hope others see the importance of focusing on the correct soccer attributes. I highly recommend the Moore Soccer Academy!!"

Nick Sfikas - Parent To Academy Players

"My children all do private lessons with Jason at Jason Moore academy. He is a great guy and truly cares about building each child’s ability in a very serious, and fun, manner.  He pushes the kids to work as hard as they can and to increase their soccer IQ.  All around excellent, would highly recommend."

Ari - Parent To Academy Players

"A midfielder who clearly did control the game, who took to the role as his natural right,...More than that, more than the ability to do all that, was the manner in which it was done. Rarely have I seen a young American player with such natural ease to his game, with a mature air about him that says clearly, but not arrogantly, I know what I'm doing. It gets better, because Moore is left-footed, with the little extra mystery that adds to the game. In a soccer sense, Moore has appeared from nowhere. There is no soccer background, not even soccer awareness in his family. Ask him about his talent and he tells you that it comes from having good coaches. Pressed on the point, he adds something that I find telling: he does a lot of practicing on his own in his backyard. Quiet, lonely, lengthy sessions, without an audience to applaud with no one to satisfy but himself. Nothing tells you more about a player's seriousness and devotion than that."

Written In An Article About Coach & Owner Jason Moore

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